David Carson lecture Chester University

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systems – a retrospective of 1960s braun design at moda in paris

More over at DesignBoom.

Could only be by Mother! Dave’s epic strut

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Published in November, issue eight of Strike! featured an article celebrating the “radical print revolution” that has brought about an unlikely flowering of new publications. Interesting article over at the Guardian.

You Have

“Most self-help books like this would gently attempt to enlighten you towards a less materialistic existence; promising not to judge you and show you a cleaner, less cluttered way of life. Well, fuck that. I’m going to judge you. Your life is full of shit that you don’t need or use. Let’s go.” More. Dl it for free here.

WE are Family by Oded Ezer – some NSFW

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Visual Gaffes

A Ukip campaign about the impact of EU migrant labour on British nationals was exposed as having employed an Irish actor to pose as a destitute worker. Photograph: Oli Scarff/Getty Images. Great article on the Guardian.

Dance Performance Incorporating Interactive Digital Projection

Pixel – extraits from Adrien M / Claire B on Vimeo.


Movie Posters of 14


Oliver Munday

More covers by Oliver here.

Pure print porn

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Invisible Made Visible

A bit of light relief!

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Norway Passport – Neue Design

Posted all over the place and rightfully so. Neue Design rethinks the passport.

Fedrigoni Event

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Can’t believe no one went to this free event, Anthony Burrell, Si Scott, Studio Thomson and Helen Musselwhite. Inspiring speakers and lots of free print.

Science experiments meets art

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Foodpornindex – hours of fun

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Rijksmuseum 3D map

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