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Crouwel beats Brody?

                                Netherlands  – case crouwel by NIKE football & wim crouwel based on the typeface gridnik, the lines inside the numbers are reminiscent of the numbers famously seen in football in the 1970s. to lend a further stamp of authority, […]

The designers republic : we design the world, people copy us at typopassage

            28th june — september 2014 timișoara, tinereții bridge passage, romania     for the next 3 months the work of the designers republic, will be on show at typopassage – tinereții bridge passage, romania. the installation will be accompanied by a publication and a conference-workshop with ian anderson held in […]

Walking City

  Referencing the utopian visions of 1960’s architecture practice Archigram, Walking City is a slowly evolving video sculpture. The language of materials and patterns seen in radical architecture transform as the nomadic city walks endlessly, adapting to the environments she encounters. Soundtrack by Simon Pyke Read More…

chip shop awards are out

D&AD Titles

Build design poster for doc­u­men­tary film Coast Mod­ern

To kick­off the UK launch of the doc­u­men­tary film Coast Mod­ern the film­mak­ers invited Build to exhibit a series of prints designed exclu­sively for the event. Build designed the poster above for the show, that will take place at Mead Car­ney gallery in Lon­don. The A1 poster is a two color screen print on Lus­tralux 215gsm paper, and printed by K2 Screen.

Bolzano Festival Bozen 2013

Packaging design by Mucho for “Vermut de luna”

mucho typo circle talk

  Mucho, the design studio with partners working in seven different cities in Europe and the US, is the subject of the next Typo Talk at the Typographic Circle   The original members of Mucho met while working at Pentagram in London. Eventually, they all went their separate ways but now work together in a […]

Wally Olins dies aged 83

Wally Olins, who co-founded consultancies Wolff Olins and Saffron, has died at the age of 83.

Street Typography

How changing its font to Garamond could save the US gov $370m (oh no it won’t, see

A schoolboy in Pittsburgh reckons the US administration could save up to 24% of its printing costs – just by using a different font for its printed material.He discovered that by switching to Garamond, whose thin, elegant strokes were designed by the 16th-century French publisher in the 16th century by Claude Garamond, his school district could […]

Printing: Workshops of the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig

Concrete – Group of Design Benjamin Buchegger, A Vienna Prints – Made in Leipzig Exhibition poster Client: Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig printing: Workshops of the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig: Rainer Brandl format: A1  Printing: Screen Printing

Designers Unite Stamp out Free Pitching by Mike Dempsey

    from Mike Dempseys blog – Graphic journey here. Dempsey was shortlisted to be given some work on an exciting project for the Handel House Museum in London. Mike explains: “There’d been an initial meeting after all twelve of us had submitted detailed written responses to the brief including fee proposals and timescales. It […]

Pentagram: Sotheby’s redesign

Pentagram’s Abbott Miller has been collaborating with Sotheby’s over a two-year period to bring stronger coherence to the full spectrum of the company’s identity and communications, including its website, catalogues, and magazine. Miller and his team worked closely with Sotheby’s leadership, collections specialists, and design and technology teams in New York and London to develop […]

Font Men

  Font Men is a short doc­u­men­tary, directed & pro­duced by Dress Code, about Jonathan Hoe­fler and Tobias Frere-Jones, and their world of type. Obvi­ously shot before their pub­lic break-up. Really nice motion graph­ics, too.

second Edition of Alquimie, an independent, self-published title released quarterly stories behind the drinks they love

The new school’s 3D signage in New York by integral Ruedi Baur

the 3D letters, created on the base of peter bilak’s font irma, are designed to work in superposition (irma light on irma black), to play with perspective in a way that indicates a direction or floor level within the building. the perspective evolves with each of the building’s levels, its effect intensifying as it moves […]

laser engraved skateboard decks by magnetic kitchen

we were there first with the big bear perhaps?

Under the Skin

This week sees the release of the critically acclaimed sci-fi horror-film Under the Skin, directed by Jonathan Glazer and starring Scarlett Johansson as an extra-terrestrial cruising the streets of Glasgow. The film is based on the Michael Faber novel published in 2000 by Canongate. Angus Hyland designed the first edition of the book which had an initial run of only […]