A ring that lets you control things by writing in the air

Ring is, like its name suggests, a ring: a chunky silver thing meant to be worn on your index finger. It’s equipped with a slew of sensors, including Bluetooth, a touch sensor on the side, a vibration motor, several kinds of motion sensors (like an accelerometer), and an LED display (just a few dots, at the moment). It syncs with your phone, which interprets various air-scrawling movements and performs whatever action you want. That might be writing a text–it has its own way of writing the alphabet, sort of like the handwriting recognition tool on an old Palm Pilot, as well as lots of shortcuts to trigger different apps. You can also customize your air-writing symbols, or invent your own new ones. The app can network with all kinds of different gadgets, provided they connect to the Internet (this is also known as “the Internet of things“).


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