How would you put people off Britain? Send the Guardian yours

Britain: it's rubbish

Britain: it’s rubbish. Don’t come here. Move to Italy or Germany instead, the weather’s much nicer and the transport infrastructure isn’t on the verge of collapse.

It may sound like a spoof, but ministers are considering launching a negative advertising campaign in Bulgaria and Romania to try to convince would-be immigrants to stay away from the UK.

A report over the weekend quoted one minister saying that such a negative advert would “correct the impression that the streets here are paved with gold”.

But what would such a poster look like? What aspects of UK life do you think would be most off-putting to those thinking of starting a new life here?

That’s where you come in. We feel Guardian readers are well qualified to come up with suggestions of why Britain isn’t exactly the best place on earth. Dust off your photoshop skills and send in your most tongue-in-cheek suggestions as a jpeg or gif – complete with a caption, if you feel your image needs explaining – to We’ll publish the best we receive in a gallery.


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