Manchester Visit

Theres a trip planned in the next few weeks for Manchester. I visited yesterday just to get a heads up on whats on. The John Rylands Library had a great archive of the film Clockwork Orange on display. Even the grand phallus was there in all its shiny white delight. Notable was the authors version of the cover, humanising alex behind the famous eyeball and lashes. I was quite surprised to hear it travelled so well, as Vicky from Nantong University, China told me it was a favourite. Then we went to the Whitworth to see Hockney’s Rakes Progress alongside Hogarths version. Shrigley had a show at the Cornerhouse but we didnt manage to make it. The main reason was to see the sharp (pun intended) First Cut show. Didnt want to ruin the experience as we are due a design comm trip there in a few weeks. But certainly lots of gems in there.


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