Raw Color

For their iden­tity we searched for a mix­ture of moods, prints, colours and print­ing tech­niques. We were asked to design a ‘logo’ that could change, for this we came up with dif­fer­ent, inde­pen­dent shapes com­ing from food and cook­ing, some more abstract then oth­ers. With these shapes you could mix end­less com­bi­na­tions. For the busi­ness cards we added a stamp layer, to make the iden­tity a bit more rough and play­full. The iden­tity is based on a sim­ple and strong shape lan­guage. For the typog­ra­phy is cho­sen a black and bold let­ter­type, it gives a robust feel­ing next to the colour­ful shapes. For all the printed mat­ter we used uncoated paper. The sta­tion­ary paper is only printed on the back site, here the overview from all illus­tra­tions are vis­i­ble, in this case they can use the paper for dif­fer­ent occasions. Raw Color (great work here). More about the project.


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