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Not so long ago i got the chance to hit up India again, Delhi, (hard work) Pushka (holy pilgrimage), Agra (forget it), Varanasi (ganges) and Sarnath (home of buddhas first sermon). Heres some images.

Globo-centric, the breeze block stool is universal.

Sex (still) sells.

Chicken run.

Pick a cow turd up, mould it onto your wall to dry out, fuel to cook with. No brainer.

Shiva trampling on the dwarf of ignorance.

Word on the street (my street) is Varanasi could be the new home of public art. Just wait. Seen a number of people painting up.

Owl yogi?

Sarnath is the deer park where Gautama Buddha first taught the Dharma. The decoration around this stupa was ravaged by time but holding in there.


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