Solving litter

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Before the Mac, the good old days?!

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That’s what I call a poster!

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Purpose Studio over on TypeToken.

Kinetic Hair Dryer Installations by Antoine Terrieux

Joshua Davis and gmunk

Generative / Generate from Joshua Davis on Vimeo.

Big type

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Alzheimers Day

By Publicis Brussels.

Never liked Arial

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REIFY transforms sound into something we can see, sculpt and hold

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Arjowiggins Pop Up London

More over at CR. A Must for print lovers.

Albertus – The Prisoner

Great article on the use of Albertus in the cult series The Prisoner, filmed at Portmerion, North Wales over at CR.

Dear Data

Great postcard data project. Here.

How cool are these?

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Bauhausify the web

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Estudio Javier Juan

More visual work here.

Wire Number

Inspired by the beauty of customised door numbers on old streets and downtown neon lights.

Putty vs Magnet

Bamboo Copter